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Community Add Template


This is for adding a community page like a non-proffit, business, etc

The template for copy and past is located at the very bottom. Notes are up top and you can copy the template. 

1. Community Title copy into the title field should be the name of the business and maybe a simple tagline or description. No more than two scrolling lines.

Camp Westwind - Kids and Nature Camp

2. First line is Header 1 and should be "Name - Major Attribute with keywords or 2 | Brand:  A good example is:

Camp Westwind - a 529 Acre Camp for nature lovers and kids of all ages on the Oregon Coast.

3. Product Description Example

Camp XYZ  - Describe the product from wide generic attributes to more specific narrow and then contextually items feel free to use bullets and add an internal link to another product or blog article on  Most of this can come from the other's website. Then add some keywords like Oregon cities, towns, events, regions etc. 

Here is a good example:

Camp Westwind programs for youth, teens, and families are offered all summer and during various weekends/holidays throughout the year.

  • Outdoor activities: kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, snorkeling, hiking, backpacking, river/ocean dipping, nature study/discovery, and free outdoor play amidst the beach, dunes and rain forest.
  • Team building/group activities: tree climb, challenge course, team building, group camping, sustainable living practice.
  • Arts activities: draw/paint, beads/macrame, nature art, glass & ceramics (pending), tie-dye, improv theater/talent show, lots of singing!

Show your Love for Oregon, and our amazing coast ...  

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4. Images

File names should be descriptive with dashes - camp-westwind-logo.jpg

File size 300 tall to scale for the main image and < 1000 tall for supportive images.

File Alt Tags: descriptive enough for a blind person to have a mental vision.

Alt Image Tag: rooster crowing on a wooden fence posts on a farm

5. Address and Meta Data

Good web address .../community/non-proffit/campwestwind;

Meta: Descriptive so someone can understand what the link is to from a google search

OK, that's it.  The Template borrowed from the hat is below:

----------------------------Start of Template----------

Non-profit name and headline

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