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The simplest is to copy this plain text hyperlink and add it to your page.

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What is a Green Heart in Oregon, The incredible story of Heart in Oregon.

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Heart in Oregon

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What is a Linkback and why it matters?

A link back is when two websites point to each other. Like has a link and vice versa.

It's important because Google will rank your page higher when you have a link pointing to another website that is pointing back to you. (There more tech stuff to it but that's the simple description)  

Think of it like this.  When you go to a party and you point to someone on the other side of the party and ask your friend, "Is that's Kim Kardashian?"  and your friend responds back with, "Yes, that is Kim Kardashian.  Let me introduce you to her," and when you do, Kim greats you with a warm hug.  Your friend's credibility goes way up.  Higher than if she had answered I don't Know or Yes that is Kim but no introduction.

Link backs are simple, they are just <-->  and they can be placed or point to any place on either site.

The best place we have found for your site to point to is the Heart in Oregon History Page.  This is just a simple page that explains the history and story of how heart in Oregon came to be.

Now, remember, there must be a link back from our site to your site for best results.  Because if this, we will ask if we can point to you.  Also, remember and be respectful that we should both be in agreement of this action and if either of us wish to not participate now or in the future, we can both unlink.

Finally, it's about improving our SEO rankings.  The existence of a link back does, not necessarily mean we endorse either or each of our products or organization.

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