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Jef Black

I was born in Texas but moved to Oklahoma when I was 2 and then moved to New Hampshire when I was 4. I spent my summers in North Carolina until I was about 16. At the age of 17, I left home and went back to Texas. In 1999, I visited Oregon for a week and instantly fell in love with this amazing state. I came to Portland to meet an old friend from Texas and to see Phish. Before flying back to Texas in September of 1999, I knew Oregon was my home and where I was supposed to be.
Finally in 2001, immediately following 9/11, I received a severance settlement from my employer and packed everything that would fit into my 1992 Jetta, including my dog. Anything that wouldn't fit in the car, including my beloved drum set, were sold or given away to friends. It was just me, my dog, my music collection, clothes a few a keepsakes and 3 weeks of open road.
I arrived in Oregon, for good, in October of 2001. After continuing my high tech career with Intel, I decided to switch gears and became the Office Manager for the American Cancer Society. While working at ACS, I met Chris Bucci, through mutual friends. Soon after, we became room mates and would often brainstorm and discuss new Heart Sticker designs and ideas. 8 years later and I felt it was time for another change and started to work for myself as an independent contractor. Fast forward to 2017 and Chris asked me to come work for him, again.
In my spare time, I enjoy riding my bike, camping, traveling, music festivals and working with plants.

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