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Chris BucciChris Bucci

Chris Bucci is an Oregonian.  Born in Massachusetts and raised in over a dozen states, Oregon is the first place where experienced that very special feeling of home.  The warm comforting feeling of peace when at home, and the ache and longingness when away.  The incredible story of the feeling of home he will save for a different time.


Chris is most known for the Heart in Oregon sticker.  You know the one, the one in the shape of Oregon with the green heart in the center, that you see on the back of every Subaru in and around Portland as well as on cars all over the state.  Chris is also a father, dog lover, unofficial teacher of entrepreneurship, and graduate from UNC-Willington with a BS in Marketing and minor in Computer Science.


When his life is all said and done, Chris desires to be known as a good person, a great dad, and as an Oregonian who helped his fellow man, woman, and children to thrive.


Born in Massachusetts, he has moved over 17 times in his life to places including: Washington, Chicago, North Carolina, Upper Michigan and London England.  Oregon has been his residence since 1995 and but his home since 1992, when he drove through and Oregon claimed him as her own, although he did not know it yet.  Through all these moves, he has experienced many people and many cultures and will often call upon those experiences in his everyday conversation.  It was skill born out of necessity, one he disliked at firs and now cherishes.


As a single parent, Chris has focused the past 9 years on being a parent, doing the best he can at it, and just keeping Heart in Oregon afloat.  Now that his son is becoming more self-sufficient, Chris will shift his focus back on Heart in Oregon and leverage its stature to open opportunity for more Oregonians.  Minimally, it will be the incredible story of the little sticker that did. 


Please feel free to reach out to Chris at any time with your amazing story, a dad joke, or just to say hello.  He’ll be blogging on all sorts of Oregon and American topics as well as stories of entrepreneurship tips, including successes and failures.


Here’s a few things Chris has discovered that he wished someone had told him long ago:

  • Just Do It (Thank you Nike)
  • Failures are equally as important as success
  • Be part of an epic crew
  • Work hard, it will pay off
  • Do something you love and is fun.
  • Figure out what the appropriate profit margin is for your product and your market.


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