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The Wolf Sticker

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The Wolf Sticker

The current wolf population in the Western US is approximately 2000.  From a population of 0 to 2,000 in less than 25 years!  For me personally, and without being political, I welcome the wolf back to the US West.

The current wolf population in Oregon is illustrated in the picture below:

Heart Sticker, a subsidiary of Heart in Oregon, has created a whole line of creature stickers.  These designs include many creatures; Bigfoot, Yeti, Raven, and, yes, the wolf.

Our first wolf design was inspired by popularity of geometric designs, tribal art,

and through looking through a child’s kaleidoscope. 

All of the colors mixing an matching to formulate a beautiful pattern.   Heart Sticker's owner feels it is important to offer fresh and unique designs or  a new spin on designs.  Good art and a good business model.

The wolf and all of the other creature sticky-art are available at both  the Heart in Oregon and the Heart Sticker Co. websites.



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