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1926 Commemorative Oregon Trail Half Dollar

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1926 Commemorative Oregon Trail Half Dollar
Between 1926 and 1939 The US Mint struck the Oregon Trail Half Dollar.  This coin was designed but Laura Gardin Fraser and James Earl Fraser.  Ezra Meeker, an Ohio born farmer, along with his wife and their infant child embarked on the Oregon Trail from Iowa in 1852.  In Ezra's later years in life, he decided to make it his last mission in life to recognize those that had fallen or died along the Oregon Trail and tribute them in some lasting fashion.  Between the years of 1906-1908 Meeker retraced his journey backwards down the Oregon Trail to publicize his mission.  He found himself at the doorsteps of the White House before 1910 and met with President Theodore Roosevelt.  It took some 16 years to finally get the House of Representatives and finally, he felt he had accomplished his last life mission.  
Meeker, now at the old age of 97, met with Henry Ford before beginning his long final journey on the Oregon Trail. Ford outfitted and modified Meeker's chassis to become a comfortable truck in which Meeker barely made it back to his home in Washington state.  He fell ill several times on his long journey and finally passed away in his home just before his 98th birthday.  


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