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It's Voting Season - Make it Count!!

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It’s Voting Season – Make Yours Matter! 

Vote 2018 Tuesday November 6 - Red - Blue - Green - Left - Right - Local - National

Oregon Voters’ Pamphlets started mailing on Tuesday October 17th.  Oregon votes by mail and only by mail.  If you’re not registered to vote, it’s too late for this midterm election.  Oregon voters’ ballots started mailing this week as well.  There are 8 different Political parties running for seats in this election:
The Constitution Party
Democratic Party
Independent Party
Libertarian Party
Pacific Green Party
Progressive Party
Republican Party
Working Families Party

There are 5 “Measures” that Oregon is voting on this year and each one is critical to protect our constitutional rights.  We are non-partisan here at Heart in Oregon so we will not attempt to sway your vote.  Our intention with this blog is to just simply remind everyone to vote.  Even if you think your vote doesn’t matter, it actually really does.  Please speak with your families, friends and even co-workers and make sure they vote!

Voting for candidates is a bit simpler and straighter forward vs voting for constitutional measures.  Identifying with the candidates registered political party is the traditional way voters find the candidate they choose to support.  However, it’s becoming more and more common for registered voters from one party to switch parties they choose to support. 

The verbiage of the measures is written to be confusing, intentionally.  One trick to understanding these measures is to look into the sponsors of the actual bill.  More often times than not, you will be able to identify donors and supports of certain bills.  While reviewing the measures to be voted on in the voters pamphlet, there are pages titled, “Argument in Favor” and “Argument in Opposition.” This is one place where identifying the supports of a measure can be seen (Coca-Cola Vs. Non-profit orgs). 

Social media is a tricky place to obtain information on which way to vote, “Yes” or “No” on these measures.  Some people will inevitably post on Facebook or Twitter asking which way they should vote on certain measures- there’s nothing wrong with that but it can lead to being wrongfully convinced in ways you may not normally vote.  The best method is to apply due-diligence and fully exercise your right to vote.  Even if you’re unsure on the measures, at least look into the people running for office.  Do their beliefs align with yours? Are they funded or taking donations towards their campaigns from companies and organizations that you like to support?  Are their ads relatable?

Take the time to read the voters pamphlet with your loved one and or family and friends. Make it a fun, eventful process instead of a “boring read.” Host  a potluck, dinner party, or happy hour social event in efforts to get everyone to vote. 

The deadline for Oregonians to vote is Tuesday, November 6th at 8pm.  All ballots must be received by 8pm or they will not be accepted.  If you already know who and how you plan to cast your vote, you can do so now.  It’s not too early to send your ballot in or drop it off at any of the many drop off locations.  You can use the online tool at to learn more about where and how to vote. 



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